Yiqing Yin Haute Couture Fall 2013

As an asian, i always excited to see asian designers in the big league. Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab are two well known champion of dress making in Haute Couture (well, other than Valentino of course). But i always think that exciting things didn’t come from Lebanon. It’s China. China haute couture is as exciting as it can be. If there’s a Paris in Asia, it’s China. I’ve wrote about one of China biggest name in Haute Couture—Guo Pei’s work before. And there’s Tex Saverio from my homeland, Indonesia. Sadly, both of them aren’t in the Chambre syndicale of Parisian haute couture. But there’s one, Yiqing Yin.

Winner of the award for ANDAM in 2011, her creations parade for the first time in the official calendar of the Chambre syndicale of haute couture in 2012.

In her new collection entitled ‘The shores of Lunacy’, Yiqing evokes the sea creatures. She was inspired of unknown, strange marine ecosystems, she says. Result, all most fascinating parts than the other. “I did a lot of work on the texture. I have used luxurious materials such as the lace, but also raw materials such as the fleece or the hospital gas’.

Thanks to a sponsor, she had access to the Velvet woven hand, silk thread produced in Venice: “weaving machines may contain up to 1400 coils, nothing that the mounting of the loom takes a month. And for the ultimate, the bride was not white, but in red, as the Chinese tradition. A mind-bending dress set with branches of corals in organza.

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